Development of Teaching Materials for Ethnomatematics Subjects for Students of Mathematics Education Study Program

  • Wandra Irvandi
  • Hartono Hartono IKIP PGRI Pontianak


The Purpose of this research is to describe the development of validated and practical ethno-mathematics teaching materials for students of mathematics education study programs. The research method used is research and development with a 4D design that is modified into 3D, namely Define, Develop, and Design. Data collection tools used were validation sheets, lecturer and student response questionnaires. Data analysis followed the development stages, namely qualitative data, namely a description of the development process and quantitative data as a result of validation and practicality tests. The results showed that ethno-mathematics teaching materials were categorized as valid or feasible to use with an average score of 73.11%, while the results of practicality trials through several mathematics education students and teachers obtained an average score of 92.93 which was in the very practical criteria.