Eksplorasi Etnomatematika Pada Makam Maulana Malik Ibrahim Gresik

  • Nafilatus Sholichah
  • Endang Legowati
  • Lusiana Prastiwi Universitas Dr. Soetomo
Keywords: culture, mathematics, ethnomathematics


Indonesia is a country with a variety of wealth. One of them is cultural diversity, but with the increasing age, the important role of all citizens is how to maintain its sustainability. One way is to make a breakthrough in learning, namely contextual-based learning that uses culture as the actor. Mathematics is one of the most famous abstract lessons among students. So that it is necessary to simplify the material in its delivery to students. Ethnomatematics is a bridge that can connect mathematics learning with culture. The purpose of this study is to identify ethnomatematics in the tomb of Maulana Malik Ibrahim or commonly called Sunan Gresik, where in the future it can be used as a reference for creating a contextual-based mathematics learning method. This research is an exploratory research with an ethnographic approach. Based on the results of research that has been carried out on the culture in Gresik, it can be concluded that the discovery of cultural culture contains mathematical concepts including geometry, namely spatial and flat shapes, geometric transformations