Identifikasi Miskonsepsi Siswa Menggunakan Cri (Certainty Of Response Index) Pada Materi Persamaan Dan Pertidaksamaan Linear Satu Variabel

  • Dedy Juliandri Panjaitan



This study aims to identify the misconception of students on the material the equations and linear inequality one variable. the subject is used in this research were 19 students. The type of research used is descriptive qualitative research. The instrument used is a test form of description and interview guidelines. In addition to answering questions, students were also asked to write down their level of confidence in solving the questions. In addition, structured interviews were also used to confirm answers and the level of students' confidence in answering questions and to find out the causes of misconceptions. The results showed that students had misconceptions about the concept of open and closed sentences, the concept of linear equations and inequalities of one variable, students' initial concepts in algebraic calculations, misconceptions about the use of symbols and misconceptions of translation. Students' misconceptions are caused by the wrong initial concept of students, students' associative thinking and students' low interest in learning. Based on the analysis of research data shows that 27.19% of students have misconceptions, 44.74% of students do not know the concept, and 28.07% of students who understand the concept.

Keywords: Misconceptions, CRI (Certainty Of Response Index), One Variable Linear Equations and Inequality