Development Of Student Worksheets Based On Realistic Mathematics Approach To Improve Student's Mathematics Communication Ability

  • Mustafa Mustafa Universitas Pembangunan Pancabudi


This study aims to analyze: 1) the validity of developed student worksheets based on RME approach; 2) the practicality of developed student worksheets based on RME approach, 3) the effectiveness of developed student worksheets based on RME approach; 4) the increase of students' mathematical communication skills using the developed student worksheets based on RME approach.  This research is a development research.  This research was conducted using the Dick and Carey development model which consists of 10 stages.  The subjects in this study were students of class X SMA Islam Plus Adzkia Medan.  While the object in this study was the worksheet to high school student in Class X which was developed based on RME approach.  From the results of trial I and trial II, it was obtained: 1) the worksheets developed met the valid criteria; 2) The developed worksheets meets the practicality criteria, practicality in terms of: a) validator assessment; and b) appropriateness of the equipment used; 3) the developed student worksheet meets the effectiveness criteria, effectiveness in terms of: a) classical student learning completeness; b) achievement of learning objectives; and c) students' positive responses; and 4) there was an increase in students' mathematical communication skills to the medium category.



Keywords: Development, Student Worksheets, Realistic Mathematical Education, Mathematical Communication Ability.